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Mike Africa, Jr. is a member of The MOVE Organization, a revolutionary, a conscious hip hop artist and a motivational resilience speaker who pushes his revolutionary message with his stage performances, tackling issues such as mass incarceration, police brutality, environmental protection and systematic oppression.

Global Justice Ecology Project first interviewed Mike Jr. of the MOVE organization during the October 2019 North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence, which GJEP co-organized, and where Mike was a keynote speaker. In this interview, we catch up with Mike to talk with him about what has happened in his life since that time. In the interview, he discusses his anger over the unjust handling of the Capital riots, a recent HBO documentary that features his work to free his parents from prison, and the apology issued by the city of Philadelphia to the MOVE organization over the 1985 bombing of a MOVE house which killed 11 including 5 children.