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Brazil Trip

Brazil: International Campaign to STOP GE Trees Meetings and Events (May – June 2023)

Members of the Steering Committee of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees and other invited participants from around the world are coming together in Brazil in May-June 2023 to develop plans for the international campaign to stop the commercial development of genetically engineered trees, and to support and highlight opposition to the plans by the Suzano pulp and paper company to develop plantations of genetically engineered eucalyptus trees in Brazil.

The Campaign will meet with Brazilian NGOs and government officials, as well as documenting and amplifying the voices and concerns of rural communities on the front lines of resisting the devastating social and ecological impacts of industrial tree plantations.


Indigenous Mayangna traveling by panga (dugout canoe) on the Rio Pis Pis in the Bosawas Reserve in Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Autonomous Region. At the time, the Bosawas rainforest was the largest rainforest north of the Amazon Basin (1998) photo: / GJEP

100% Noticias: Leonardo DiCaprio supports campaign to save the Indio Maíz reserve, its species and its people in Nicaragua

A July 25, 2023 article that appeared in 100% Noticias’ Website (originally posted in Spanish)  discusses how actor Leonardo Di Caprio published an Instagram post denouncing the situation in the Indio Maíz reserve, Nicaragua, where illegal cattle farming is the cause of the “death” of thousands of hectares of forest and also the violations of indigenous populations.  His post included the following “As Nicaragua faces an escalating crisis—with illegal cattle ranchers and miners decimating the irreplaceable Indio-Maíz Biological Reserve—the government has an opportunity to step up and safeguard its wild lands, biodiversity, and Indigenous and local communities who depend on them.”

The post also promotes the film PATROL that follows the Rama and Kriol communities in Nicaragua fighting to protect their ancestral lands from the invasion of illegal cattle ranchers.

Take Action!

There is a petition on the film’s website that can be signed to demand greater transparency and stricter controls of Nicaragua’s Beef Supply Chains, as well as an Open Letter to 118th Congress (USA) that can be signed.

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