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Palestinian Liberation and Climate Justice: Imagining a Palestine without Occupation

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Co-hosted by Hoodwinked CollaborativeMovement Generation, Global Justice Ecology ProjectNational Farmers Union and A Growing Culture

Join us for a virtual conversation on Palestinian Resistance, Climate Justice, and Liberation, “Imagining a Palestine without Occupation,” featuring Moayyad Bsharat of Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Jimmy Dunson of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, and Zayneb Al-Shalalfeh of Palestinian Women Water Practitioners Network and moderated by Yusra Bitar of Arab Reform Initiative. Interpretation will be available in Spanish, ASL, and Closed Captions.

Israel’s U.S.-backed occupation of Palestine exemplifies all the interconnections between settler colonialism, imperialism, militarism, resource extraction, the fossil fuel industry, the arms industry, and the climate crisis. Half a year into Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza, we are in an ever-worsening crisis. The Israeli military has already murdered over 33,364 Palestinians and injured over 75,886. In the genocidal process, it has also released massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, further exacerbating the climate crisis, not to mention the catastrophic harm to the land, air, and water.

Globally, settler colonialism, white supremacy, racial capitalism, and hetero-patriarchy are the root causes of the interconnected crises we face today. We will not remedy the ecological crisis through techno-fixes, green colonialism or green capitalism, and we will not achieve Palestinian Liberation, Jewish Liberation, or collective liberation, through further militarization and occupation. 

Speakers will share their vision of a Free Palestine beyond occupation and discuss how real solutions such as Palestinian resistance and liberation, decolonization, food sovereignty, abolition, and climate justice offer frameworks for envisioning a way forward beyond an immediate and lasting ceasefire. 


  • Moayyad Bsharat: Project Coordinator at Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) in Occupied Palestinian Territory in the West Bank
  • Jimmy Dunson: Co-founder of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and International Solidarity Movement 
  • Zayneb Al-Shalalfeh: Water Rights Activist with Palestinian Women Water Practitioners Network


  • Yusra Bitar: Lebanon Research Fellow with the Environmental Politics program at the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) in Beirut, Lebanon 


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