Rachel Smolker, Ph.D.

rachel150x150Co-director, Biofuelwatch

Rachel Smolker is a co-director of Biofuelwatch, and an organizer with Energy Justice Network. She has researched, written. and organized extensively on the impacts of biofuels and bioenergy on land use, forests, biodiversity, food, people’ and the climate. She also works with various coalitions including the Mobilization for Climate Justice, Climate Justice, Now and others opposing market-based solutions to climate change and other “false solutions.” Learn More

Think GE Trees Don’t Impact Your Food Supply? Think Again

In the wake of controversy surrounding Measure 2-89 in Benton County, Oregon there has been fear that the measure will also ban the genetic engineering of trees. Indeed it should. Vast GE Tree plantations in Oregon and Washington… Read More

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Florida Keys GM Mosquito opponents petition FDA

(While not technically GE Trees news, the push to release genetically engineered mosquitoes is another potential genetic engineering disaster worth paying close attention to.) Florida Keys residents who oppose Mosquito Control’s release of genetically modified mosquitoes have filed a petition… Read More

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Researchers worry that GE trees will fall under countywide GMO laws

Obviously, we at GJEP hope that these worries are founded and GE trees are banned in Oregon.  GE poplars pose tremendous ecological threats in Oregon, and if they escape through pollen or seed contamination, could pose a threat to poplars… Read More

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