Rachel Smolker, Ph.D.

rachel150x150Co-director, Biofuelwatch

Rachel Smolker is a co-director of Biofuelwatch, and an organizer with Energy Justice Network. She has researched, written. and organized extensively on the impacts of biofuels and bioenergy on land use, forests, biodiversity, food, people’ and the climate. She also works with various coalitions including the Mobilization for Climate Justice, Climate Justice, Now and others opposing market-based solutions to climate change and other “false solutions.” Learn More

LVC at CTNBio cropped

BRAZIL: CTNBio Meeting Cancelled! Futuragene Occupied!

300 peasants took over the building where CTNBio was meeting to decide about whether to approve GE eucalyptus trees. The meeting was cancelled. On the same morning, 1,000 women took over operations of Futuragene across Brazil. The action included the… Read More

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Actions Globally Call on Brazil to Reject GMO Trees

Action against GE trees at the Brazilian Embassy in New Zealand (Aotearoa) On 3 March 2015, organizations on four continents took action at Brazilian consulates and embassies as part of the Emergency Global Day of Action to STOP… Read More

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Report backs from the Emergency Global Day of Action on GE Trees

Activists at the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa take part in the Emergency Global Day of Action Against GE Trees. For more photos and reports from actions around the world, click here

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