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13754155_10208188882854031_4828066663396054683_nComing Tuesday, July 26, 12  – 2pm
Broad Street Ministry, 315 S. Broad St. Phila.
btw Spruce & Pine, Walnut-Locust stop
on Broad St (Orange) Line

Why are we speaking out?

Women carry the heaviest burden of work with a double or triple day for the lowest wages. We are more than half of the electorate. Our unwaged caregiving work alone produces $470 billion a year to the US economy, yet when it comes to living wages & other resources for women & our families we are told there is no money. Most women’s wages are much lower than men’s, and even lower if we are Black, Brown, immigrant. Sexism is profitable to employers.

Deprived of our fair share of money and resources, we are deprived of safety & justice. For the most part, women in power have not represented most of us.

Women have been campaigning
FOR ● the RISE Out of Poverty Act ● a $15 minimum wage ● a living wage for all including mothers and other caregivers ● pay equity ● LGBTQ rights . . .
AGAINST ● poverty ● welfare “reform” ● unjust child welfare removals ● domestic violence and rape ● racism ● criminalization ● police violence ● mass incarceration ● deportation ● war ● poisoning our water, pollution, land theft and climate change . . . Women lead the struggle for a better world but are never given credit for this justice work.

All welcome! Childcare ● Refreshments ● Wheelchair accessible

Mothers, grandmas, nurses, teachers, homecare & domestic workers, students, victims of domestic violence, LGBTQ, farmers, campaigners for justice & for the environment, those with disabilities…

Let our voice and demands be heard loud and clear as delegates and protesters gather for the Democratic National Convention.

The Speak Out will be carried on Pacifica Radio’s nationally syndicated show Sojourner Truth

Planning Group includes: Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, Benton Harbor, MI ● Rev. Annie Chambers, Big Momma’s House, Baltimore, MD ● DHS/DCFS – Give Us Back Our Children, Philadelphia, PA & Southern California ● Diane Johnson, National Homeless Union, Lancaster, PA ● Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, Philadelphia, PA & Southern CA ● Human Rights Coalition, Pittsburgh & Philly ● International Women Count Network/Breastfeeding Network ● Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign ● Let’s Get Free – Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Ctte ● Payday Men’s Network ● Peacehome Campaigns ● Peace, Justice, Sustainability Florida ● Queer Strike ● US PROStitutes Collective/San Francisco Bay Area ● Welfare Warriors MaGod (Mothers and Grandmothers of the Disappeared Children), Milwaukee, WI ● WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) Coordinated by Global Women’s Strike & Women of Color/GWS.

For more info, to endorse or to help with this event: 215-848-1120, philly@globalwomenstrike.net #WomenSpeakOutDNC #DNCSolidarity

It’s time we speak out about all our struggles and concerns!