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Via Boldlouisiana.webaction.org:

Energy Transfer Partners is not backing down from ramming their proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline through 700 bodies of water, across 11 Louisiana parishes – including our beautiful Atchafalaya Basin.

Unfortunately, it appears that they are not alone. On a recent radio broadcast, Governor John Bel Edwards threw his support behind this dangerous project, stating clearly, “I will tell you that I support the pipeline.” [1]

Yet, on the same show Gov. Edwards added, “There is no way to move crude in significant quantities that doesn’t have some risk associated.”

The question is: Who absorbs that risk?

Landowners like single mom, Hope Rosinski, for one. Hope has five existing pipelines on her property, some of which have caused significant damage to her land and she says all have decreased her property values.

Now, Energy Transfer Partners is threatening her with eminent domain — the taking of her land against her wishes — in this case for the profit of a private company. “I just want the right to say ‘No’,” Hope says.

Although Hope should have the right to say whether a pipeline can be constructed across her property, Governor Edwards definitely does have a say.

Governor Edwards can stop this pipeline, but he needs to hear from you Friends, We have a fight on our hands.

We need to remind Gov. Edwards that with 144 total Louisiana pipeline accidents in 2016 alone, we cannot continue to allow our neighborhoods, wetlands, bayous, and swamps be the dumping ground for pipeline companies like Energy Transfer Partners.

We must protect the livelihoods of crawfisher folk in the Basin, as well as our pristine and life-saving wetlands.

Big Oil’s profits are not worth our risking our clean drinking and recreational waters in Louisiana.

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