CapitalPress.com reports that a lawsuit accusing Monsanto of mislabeling its “Roundup” glyphosate herbicide has been thrown out of court because it’s pre-empted by federal law.
A federal judge has thrown out the lawsuit accusing Monsanto of labeling its “Roundup” glyphosate herbicide to mislead people about health impacts.
Last year, several Los Angeles residents filed a lawsuit alleging that the biotech and pesticide company falsely claimed the weed-killing chemical ‘targets an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets.’

The lawsuit sought class action status that would allow other Roundup buyers to join the litigation, as well as financial compensation for damages and an injunction prohibiting Monsanto from advertising that Roundup doesn’t affect people or animals.

According to the plaintiffs, glyphosate disrupts an enzyme known as EPSP synthase, which affects not only plants but also microbes, including those found in the digestive systems of people and animals.

Capital Press reports that U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson agreed with Monsanto’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, ruling that its labeling claims were approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency and thus the complaint is pre-empted by federal regulation.

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