June 19 – 25 2023 is Survival International’s Uncontacted Tribes Week

Every day this week (June 19 – 25 2023) Survival International will post a quick action to support and learn more about uncontacted peoples.

Monday’s action to to sign and share their Uncontacted Tribes Pledge.

Here is more information from Survival International about Uncontacted Tribes:

Uncontacted tribes get everything they need to survive from their land. They also lack immunity to diseases common in the industrialized world. It means they’re the most self-sufficient – and the most vulnerable – people in the world. They don’t need grocery stores or fridges; they don’t need cars and phones; they don’t pollute or destroy. All they need to thrive is their forests, their families, and their unique knowledge of their environment.

But their forests, and thus their very survival, are increasingly under attack – from ranchers destroying Ayoreo forest in Paraguay; nickel mines causing catastrophic damage to the forest of the Hongana Manyawa in Indonesia; loggers and land speculators devastating Kawahiva land in Brazil; and a massive “development” project threatening the Shompen on Great Nicobar Island in India. With the destruction of their lands come disease, starvation, and genocide. There are more than 100 uncontacted tribes around the world, and they need our support to protect their rights, their lands and their lives.

Later in the week, we’ll ask you to join us in lobbying some of the worst violators of uncontacted people’s rights, and offer you access to a unique, award-winning movie. If you’d like to organize your own movie night or other event, you can get support and ideas here.