Greenwashing Nuclear Energy with Environmental Attorney Susan Shapiro

In this episode of Breaking Green, we speak with Susan Shapiro, an environmental attorney in Hudson Valley.

With the catastrophic failures at Chernobyl and Fukushima, nuclear power has been the cause of some the worst environmental disasters in history. But, the realities of global warming have created an opportunity for this flagging industry to attempt a comeback by rebranding as a green alternative to fossil fuels.

This rebranding concerns those who have worked to reign in the troubled nuclear industry for decades as they now face one of the most ambitious examples of disaster capitalism that threatens to resuscitate nuclear power and its unique set of environmental hazards as a false solution to climate change.

As co-counsel, Shapiro brought ground-breaking litigation against Indian Point’s violation of the Clean Water Act for thermal and radiation pollution of the Hudson River. She also was the lead attorney on an Article 78 action against the New York’s Public Service Commission for diverting $7.6 billion dollars of ratepayers money to keep aging upstate nuclear reactors open instead of funding renewables.

Shapiro is a member of Leadership Council of the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition and a board member of Radiation and Public Health Project and GRIP (Gender and Radiation Impact Project). She is also in the process of writing a book about why nuclear energy is not “zero emissions” and why it is not a solution to climate change.

Shapiro is also an award winning filmmaker and artist. Her paintings can be viewed at

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