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Earth Minute: Genetically Modified Salmon 2021

The world’s first genetically modified animal has been harvested by the biotech company Aquabounty at their aquaculture farm in Indiana.

Aquabounty’s genetically modified Atlantic salmon are engineered to grow twice as fast as wild salmon, reaching market size in 18, rather than 36 months.

In 2020, the Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice won a lawsuit against the FDA for failing to evaluate the impacts of genetically modified salmon on native salmon populations. While the federal court declared the fish unlawful, the decision has no impact on the current production or sale of GM salmon. 

According to the Center for Food Safety, the lawsuit highlights the “FDA’s failure to protect the environment and consult wildlife agencies in its review process, as required by federal law.”

It’s time that we take a look at whether or not our regulatory agencies are equipped to adequately assess genetically engineered organisms and their impacts on wild ecosystems. 

For the Earth Minute and the Sojourner Truth Show this is Theresa Church from Global Justice Ecology Project.

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