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The Intercept: Cop City Indictments Threaten Press Freedom Too

The Intercept: Cop City Indictments Threaten Press Freedom Too

A person holding a gun, pointing it at a tent in the forest.
Atlanta Police bodycam footage with pistol and Tortuguita’s tent was finally released 2 February, 2023. More on Tortuguita’s killing can be found here.

On September 11, 2023, The Intercept posted Seth Stern’s article “Cop City Indictments Threaten Press Freedom Too“.

The first paragraph is included below and the entire article can be read on The Intercept‘s website.

THE DISTURBING INDICTMENT of 61 people who protested the Georgia police training facility commonly referred to as “Cop City” lays bare everything that is wrong with RICO laws and the prosecutors who abuse them. Even the author of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law, on which the Georgia law is based, agrees that it’s meant to fight organized crime, not stifle dissent.

Additional Information: 

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  • Muzzling Dissent: How Corporate Influence over Politics Has Fueled Anti-Protest Laws (2020, Institute for Policy Studies)
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