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Mother Nature has announced herself with much force in this part of the planet.  What a pity for the victims, for all the suffering that falls mainly on many working people, for the difficulties that the villages and communities in Chile will have, but there is still a great deal of life and opportunities for which we are grateful.

NASA says that the earthquake has turned the axis of the Earth and daylight has been reduced.  Mother Earth is irrational, isn’t she?  She’s bad, right…The telluric movement is also self-defense in the midst of the exploitation and abuse that is being meted out to her.  One might expect that the unscrupulous, the real pillagers, those who have plundered the very heart of the Earth are now rethinking.  Will they continue insisting on more hydroelectric dams in earthquake-prone areas?  Will they want to continue to implant ducts of cellulose and put at risk not only the sea but everything?  Will the same mine and forest exploitation continue contaminating, drying up the water, committing ecocide?  And we “the common and regular” people, the receivers, will we continue giving priority to social contamination through consumption, materialism, individualism and anxiety for power?

Following are details about places of interest, centers for help and information which will be available in a timely fashion on the web site of Mapuexpress.  There is still no support facility for Cobquecura, where 95% of the buildings fell and the families are in the hills.  As of today, the people there urgently need tents, milk and flour

Cordial greetings,
Alfredo Seguel

Information About Help and Solidarity