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Chile climate march on 12/6/19. Photo: Anne Petermann/GJEP

Carbon markets rotten at the core!

World Rainforest Movement December 6, 2019

The rules on the UN Paris Agreement’s Article 6 will define the extent to which carbon markets will undermine the already insufficient commitments by governments to reduce the burning of fossil fuels. False solutions like REDD have brought conflict to communities and falsely blame peasant farming for deforestation while corporations continue to destroy forests at large scale. Oil companies and the conservation industry are promoting a new version of these false solutions, now called “nature-based solutions” or “natural climate solutions”. These are not solutions to the climate crisis because they do not address the real causes– the burning of fossil carbon that maintains capitalist growth. They also fail to address the real causes of large-scale deforestation and harm the livelihoods of millions of people for whom forests are not landscapes but territories of which they are part and on which they depend for survival.

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