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Global Justice Ecology Project supports this call to participate in:

local, diverse, GMO-free

World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture
Bonn, Germany. May 12 – 16, 2008

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends of a diverse planet!

“Planet Diversity” will be a global congress and festival on the future of food and agriculture, organised by NGOs, GMO-Free Regions, farmers and social movements around the world. From May 12th to 16th 2008 this event will involve about 500 participants on location and thousands of people, who will participate through the internet and by spreading the word before and after this first “Planet Diversity” congress. Our message is: Local – Diverse – GMO Free.

With your support and participation, we will deliver this message to the representatives of governments and international institutions, industry and media assembling at the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and its Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety in Bonn, Germany next May.

Biological and cultural diversity comes from the grassroots, from communities and initiatives, from millions of small farms, gardens and kitchens around the world. It is the most innovative and the only proven concept nature provides us to face the enormous challenges arising from climate change and ecological depletion as well as from mono-cultural globalisation of our landscapes and eating habits.

We invite all organisations and initiatives, representatives of communities and regions, farmers, gardeners, scientists, who are passionate and defend their traditions and future of diverse food, landscapes and farming, to join us now in preparing “Planet Diversity”.

Please have a look at the short description below. Additional details on the planning, on organisations and people already involved, and how you can participate are available in various languages at  www.planet-diversity.org.

We welcome ideas and suggestions, presentations and contributions, organisational und financial support.

We look forward receiving your diverse responses!

Please Contact:

Planet Diversity Secretariat
email: info@planet-diversity.org
fax: + 49 30 27590312
telephone:+ 49 30 27590309

mail: Planet Diversity, Marienstr.19-20, 10115 Berlin, Germany
skype: planet.diversity


The Local Organising Committee: ABL(German Family Farmers Union in Via Campesina), Consumers International, EED (Protestant Church Development Service), Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, IFOAM (Organic Agricultural Movements), GENET (European NGO caucus on GMOs), Gene-ethic Network, IG Saatgut – Initiative for GE-free Seeds and Breeding, Save Our Seeds (Foundation on Future Farming)

Top right photo: “Resistance is Fruitful” Rostock, Germany, G8 protests,  June 2007. Photo:  Langelle/Global Justice Ecology Project

For the PDF version of the full call to participate, click on the icon below: