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Via Appalachians Against Pipelines Facebook:


The pipeline fighter is STILL locked to construction equipment at a Mountain Valley Pipeline work site on Brush Mountain in VA. 7 hours and counting! Pipeline construction is STILL halted.

“Virginians have tried every way we know how to tell our elected representatives that these fracked gas pipelines are a mistake,” said the protester locked to equipment in today’s action, a 46-year-old mother from Blacksburg, VA.

“We may not have lobbyists outside your doors like Dominion does, but we can stop construction to tell you that southwest Virginia does not want the Mountain Valley Pipeline. MVP is bad for Virginia and bad for the planet. The State Water Control Board and DEQ can stop this pipeline. Governor Northam can stop this pipeline. Revoke water quality certification now and inspire a new generation of voters. Because if you don’t act to protect our water and our mountains, we will.”

Donate to support resistance to pipelines in Appalachia: bit.ly/supportmvpresistance

In late February, pipeline fighters took to the trees in Jefferson National Forest in Peterstown, West Virginia, in the path of the proposed 42 inch Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). The resistors are stationed on the site where MVP LLC intends to drill directly through the mountain and beneath the Appalachian Trail. To complete this section of the pipeline route, MVP LLC would drill a 42-inch boring hole through the ridge of Peters Mountain. The Karst limestone terrain of Peters Mountain generates and filters fresh drinking water. Karst terrain also makes this area especially susceptible to landslides and sinkholes. Pipeline construction in this area would destroy a unique biome filled with caves, underground streams, and springs inhabited by life found nowhere else in the world.

Mountain Valley Pipeline would carry fracked gas from shale fields in West Virginia to intersect with the existing Transco Pipeline, a major highway for transporting gas to market overseas. MVP’s goal is not only profit off this pipeline, but increasing international dependence on fossil fuels.

Fighting back against pipelines requires resources and these brave pipeline fighters need your help more than ever! We need money for food, travel, climbing gear, and other essential materials. Donate now to keep these pipeline fighters in the trees and the pipelines out of the ground!

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