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Roundup SprayingThe World Health Organization has just promoted the Monsanto creation, the pesticide glyphosate – main ingredient to Roundup with a wealth of evidence already for its health damaging effects – to its ‘probable’ cancer-causing list.

The highest category is ‘known’ cancer-causing; ‘probable’ is second highest, according to Emily Atkin at ThinkProgress.

While many have picked up on the ubiquity of Roundup for domestic use, the focus of the WHO’s concern is on widespread agricultural use of glyphosate.

Rather than curb pesticide use, study after study has shown that GMOs ramp it up (good for the industry, no doubt, that make both).

When Brazilians protested on 5 March against GE trees, one of the concerns that got them out was the further ramping up of pesticide use likely if tree plantations introduced GE trees. They are well aware of the damage to the health of workers, local communities, and ecosystems caused by pesticides, especially when the arms race starts between chemicals and GMOs.

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