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Through the generous support of our donors, we raised over $18,000 this holiday season.

If you are one of the folks that has helped us get there thank you so much!  If you have not yet supported GJEP you may do so by clicking here.

We have major plans for our programs in 2016, including a key strategic meetings and mobilization campaigns–both nationally and internationally.  As well as an organizing drive against GE trees in the US Southeast, especially along the Gulf Coast – ground zero for future GE tree plantations in this country.

We also plan to increase pressure on GE tree company ArborGen this year to drop their plans to develop and plant socially and ecologically disastrous GE trees.

And right now ArborGen is in a wee bit of trouble.

Protest at World Headquarters of ArborGen in September

In late-December, the Charleston Post and Courier reported that ArborGen lost a lawsuit brought against them by their employees, resulting in a $53.5 million fine.

Not only has ArborGen been risking the health of forests and communities with their dangerous and unproven GE trees, they’ve also been “defrauding” their workers.

Your donation can help us stop ArborGen’s GE trees once and for all.

The Post and Courier reported that the judge in the lawsuit “ruled the companies tricked workers into accepting incentive plan changes that depleted most of their wealth.”

ArborGen cannot be trusted.  They claim their GE trees are safe, but they’ve been formally found guilty of “trickery and deceit” in order to cheat their workers. Who could believe anything ArborGen says?

We’ve been campaigning against ArborGen since tthey were founded in 1999.  We have raised awareness about the threats of GE trees all over the world and created massive public opposition to GE trees due to their potentially disastrous social and ecological risks.

With your help, we can take a major step forward to stop GE trees from contaminating our forests with dangerous and unnatural traits like killing insects, resisting toxic chemicals, depleting water and displacing wildlife.  We can stop them from polluting our communities with toxic pollen.

Which is why I am asking you to support the effort to stop this menace once and for all.  Click here to donate today and help us meet our Jan 31st fundraising goal.

If you have already donated, thank you so very much!

Unlike many struggles you are asked to support, stopping GE trees is one that we can actually win.  GE trees have not yet won US approval and with your help we can make sure they never do.  We can keep them out of our forests and off of our farmlands.

Please give today.  And if you already have, thanks for helping us defeat this threat!


Anne Petermann
Executive Director