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From Censored News 9/28/16: Police loaded shotguns, dropped tear gas or chemical substance, on water protectors. Armored vehicle on site. Excessive force by police as 21 water protectors arrested today.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department sent in armored vehicles and arrested 21 people at two Sacred Ground Camp sites this week, according to EcoWatch. Videos released by protesters show unarmed protesters conducting a prayer ceremony involving the planting of willow and corn.

Earlier this month, Morton County police officers used mace and unleashed dogs on Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Sacred Stone Camp Facebook page has continued to post updates on the situation:

Roughly 150 peaceful Water Protectors gathered for prayer near construction sites of the Dakota Access Pipeline 15 miles south of Mandan off Highway 6 and were met with a heavy show of force by authorities.

There were 3 airplanes, 2 helicopters, 2 militarized vehicles (with LRAD) and personnel armed with shotguns and assault rifles. All this was deployed on people praying. #NoDAPL

Protesters continue to release videos of the actions, including footage of the arrests from earlier this week: