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Note: For more critiques on the failures of the COP 21 Paris Accord, visit GJEP’s Paris Blog

Via NotWithoutUs.com:

Not Without Us follows seven multi-generational, grassroots activists from around the world as they head to Paris for the 21st session of United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as the COP 21.

The film addresses some of the following questions:

What kind of accord was adopted?  An agreement that will embrace all of humanity, or one full of non-binding proclamations tailored to profit multi-national corporations?

Will the suppression of the activists allow governments and corporate interests to rule the agreements, or will the people have their voices heard?

Can the COP21 agreement stop catastrophic climate change? Or, perhaps we need to call upon our most powerful renewable natural resource: the will of the people.

Find out more about the documentary at NotWithoutUsMovie.com, including information on hosting a community showing.