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Rev Billy

Via Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir:

Earthy days and earthy nights! We sang eleven of our activist songs in Avatar studios in New York and now offer you such hits as “We are the 99%” – the Occupy anthem downloaded around the world – and “Monsanto is the Devil”, our opening number in the stadiums of Neil Young shows, opening for his anti-Monsanto tour last year.

Today we release both our new album and book, both called The Earth Wants YOU.

Here is our new music video, Fabulous Bad Weather. You can stream and download the album online.

Reverend Billy performs from the book in 27 cities this Spring. If he isn’t coming to town near you then tell us you favorite independent book store. The good word is on its way. You can read the first three chapters of the book online.

Please help us inspire Earth activism with our songs and stories. If you can make a $5 per month pledge, Rev will send you a signed copy of his book and our CD.

The Earth’s emergency calls upon us to be holy fools, dangerous, taboo-breaking, and willing to risk what we have for the life of our home.

The Earth wants us all! Earthalujah!

Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir