This video, filmed on 11 October 2019, is extremely relevant in light of the George Floyd murder by the Minneapolis Police Department and the subsequent protests that are happening nationally and internationally.

Mike Africa, Jr. is a member of The MOVE Organization, a revolutionary, a conscious hip hop artist and a motivational resilience speaker who pushes his revolutionary message with his stage performances, tackling issues such as mass incarceration, police brutality, environmental protection, systematic oppression…
[This video was shot by Global Justice Ecology Project’s Press Secretary, Steve Taylor, during the North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence. It was convened by Global Justice Ecology Project, Shawnee Forest Defense! and the Indigenous Environmental Network in southern IL’s Shawnee National Forest from 11 – 14 October 2019.]

MOVE is a black liberation group founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by John Africa. The group suffered two major attacks by the Philadelphia Police Department. In 1978, a standoff resulted in the death of one police officer, injuries to several other people, and life sentences for nine members who were convicted of killing the officer. In 1985, another confrontation ended when a police helicopter dropped a bomb on their row house. The resulting fire killed eleven MOVE members, including five children, and destroyed 65 houses in the neighborhood.

Mike is the son of two political prisoners who were recently released from prison after 40 years. Secretly born in a Philadelphia prison following a police raid on his family’s home, Mike was taken from his mother and placed in an orphanage where he was physically and mentally abused. At age 13, Mike began using his music to raise awareness in the hopes of gaining support to get his parents home; finally on 16 June 2018 after 40 years in prison, Mike finally got his mother released. Four months later on 23 October 2018 Mike got his father released.

Let’s use these victories to encourage people to continue to press on in revolutionary action – Mike Africa, Jr.
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We don’t believe in this reform world system – the government, the military, industry and big business. They have historically abused, raped and bartered life for the sake of money. These rulers and policymakers don’t care who they kill, enslave, cripple, poison or disease in their quest for money. They have made material wealth a priority over life. Marvels of science and technological so-called advancements all stem from the system’s greed for money and disrespect for life. But a person who is suffocating or drowning doesn’t call out for diamonds, gold, or wads of money. The person will do all in their power for a breath of air, because air is a necessity and money is worthless.