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Tom Goldtooth and Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) were on hand for the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C. on April 29, where hundreds of thousands protested the Trump administration’s environmental agenda. IEN and other indigenous organizations helped organize the event.

Mossett carried a sign honoring Berta Cáceres, the Honduran environmental leader was assassinated in her home last year. Mossett was interviewed here by Democracy Now!

From an interview with Democracy Now!:

KANDI MOSSETT: And I told you about the abuses that have been occurring to our women. And it’s an inextricable link between the rape and the abuse of the Earth, that happens to the women, as well, when these extractive industries come into our communities. It’s very important that people know that. We don’t just speak for the north. We speak for our brothers and sisters to the south. Look at what happened to our sister, Berta. It’s important that we get the message out that it’s not OK for our women to die simply because we want to protect water. And we’re going to continue to stand up and hold our relatives in our hearts and our minds.

AMY GOODMAN: You’re holding up a sign for Berta Cáceres, the Honduran environmental leader, who knew she was on a death list but continued her work, until she was gunned down in her own home.

KANDI MOSSETT: That’s right. And if Berta can do these things and her spirit can live on, there’s no reason that we can’t continue to fight here in this colonized United States. We need to stand strong with our brothers and sisters.

AMY GOODMAN: Had you ever met Berta Cáceres?

KANDI MOSSETT: I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person. It was after that we went to Honduras and that we were able to see her family and friends and learn about her legacy. So, I cry tears that aren’t about sadness, but the joy that her spirit continues to live on and really created strength in a lot of us women.

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