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Attac shared this video report on the D12 mobilizations at the COP21 climate conference in Paris. Attac is an international movement working towards social, environmental and democratic alternatives in the globalisation process. Their organization has a working presence in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Attac shared the following statement, translated from French, along with the video report:

States are not ready to engage the “climate revolution.” The Paris Agreement of #COP21 crossed the “red lines” established and affirmed on December 12, 2015. Over 30,000 people attended the Avenue de la Grande Armée , between defense and arc de Triomphe to denounce the crimes of climate change by forming a human chain. The COP21 has ended but the citizen mobilization is just beginning. We are in a global emergency and are now assigned to resistance.

Climat: Nous sommes tous assignés à résistance / We are all forced to resist from Attac Play on Vimeo.