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Global Justice Ecology Project GE Trees Campaigner Ruddy Turnstone was among the protesters arrested in Albany on May 14 while disrupting the path of dangerous oil trains that endanger communities in the region. Democracy Now! covered the protests in a segment that begins at about the 3:31 second mark of the May 16 episode embedded below.

Meanwhile, Break Free Albany is working to raise defense funds for the protesters who were arrested last week. Click here to donate.

Via Break Free Albany:

Five brave individuals were arrested for stopping a crude oil train in Guilderland, New York while many, many more occupied the tracks and blocked the Bomb Trains in Albany. We need your help to support these brave climate dissidents with a donation to our fund for legal support and other expenses. It is your help that enables our movement to take bold risk, knowing that we collectively have their back.

If you are able to chip in $10, $20 or $100 that is hugely helpful. If you are able to donate more, your contribution would be much appreciated.

We can’t out-money the fossil fuel industry. Our power comes from the power of our conviction made into a living example of the change that is needed. Your help supports those to have taken this bold step of moral imagination. Please donate today! Click here to donate.