Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

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Featured Photo: For what it’s worth

Washington, DC: This photo was taken during the first anti-war march in the U.S. Capital, September 29, 2001, eighteen days after the September 11th attacks in New York City. The series of coordinated attacks against the U.S. killed more than 3000 people at the World Trade Center. Photo: Orin Langelle


The following is an account from Orin Langelle who is the co-founder of GJEP, a photojournalist, and the Director of Langelle Photography



I remember being in the streets in the anti-war march taking photographs. I think everyone in the streets was nervous. War and revenge was the feeling by most of the people in the U.S. My photo is how I remember that day and, unfortunately, its message is timeless. 

The photo War is Terrorism Magnified A Hundred X, is a quote by Howard Zinn, author of the seminal history book A People’s History of the United States.

The quote comes from Zinn’s experiences as a bombardier at the end of World War II. About which, Zinn said:

“The thing about being in the Air Force and dropping bombs from 35,000 feet is that you don’t see anybody, human beings, you don’t hear screams, see blood, see mangled bodies. I understand very well how atrocities are committed in modern warfare, from a distance. So there I was doing these things. … [The bombing raid I took part in] epitomized the stupidity of modern warfare and how the momentum of military machines carries armies on to do the most atrocious things that any rational person sitting down for five minutes and thinking about it would stop immediately. “


This year Global Justice Ecology Project is celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  As part of this year-long celebration, we will be posting photos by co-founder Orin Langelle, Director of Langelle Photographydocumenting different aspects and achievements of GJEP over those 20 years, as well as photos from events and activities beginning 30 years ago in 1993 that led to the formation of Global Justice Ecology Project ten years later.

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