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OLCA has created a video series about the conflict that the town of El Durazno, Chile sustained while defending its territory against the Ministry of Public Works – MOP, which seeks to carry out plans to create a reservoir called La Tranca.

As a result, in just over a year and a half, the community implemented a strategy that included:

  • The summon and pressure to the State and authorities of all levels; from the Municipal Council, to the Ministry of Public Works and the Chamber of Deputies.
  • Coordination with various organizations and wills of the Cogotí River Valley.
  • The awareness of the right of the community to decide around its territory.
  • The exercise of a territorial control that prevented any type of study contracted by the Hydraulic Works Directorate.

And countless individual and community efforts to defend life and territory…

The Community of El Durazno managed to make this reservoir, prioritized by the government,  unviable. Forcing the Council of Ministers of the National Irrigation Commission to put an end to the work on carrying out this project that would flood the town.

As a result of a joint work with the community and as a tribute to those who defend life over the “progress” of a few. You are invited to enjoy the following videos and share them.

Part I: Life is Defended

Part II: Roots


Parte III: The Power of Community Conviction

Via OLCA, Estela Films Collective