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Statement from Chile to the UN Climate COP25: No “Natural Climate Solutions!”

In the following short video from 2019, Mapuche and other people in Chile offer a warning to the world about the dangers and impacts of “nature based solutions” being promoted by corporations, governments and the UN at their annual climate summits–such as COP26 beginning next week in Glasgow.

Global Justice Ecology Project and Biofuelwatch filmed these statements over 23-30 November 2019. Mapuche and other people speak out against neoliberal market-based climate schemes that have destroyed forests, displaced entire communities, and led to vast tree plantations, loss of fresh water, toxic incinerators and huge devastating copper and lithium mines.

In 2019, Chile was to host the UN Climate Summit (COP25). But in the face of a massive popular uprising against the free market neoliberal economic model, and hundreds of cases of human rights abuses committed by the Chilean National Police against the protesters, Chile canceled the COP. The COP moved to Spain, but Chile retained Presidency of the COP despite the violence and repression happening at home.

The people have continued their struggle and today have begun a process to re-write the country’s Constitution and eliminate the Neoliberal economic model.

As the people say “Chile is where Neoliberalism was born and Chile is where it will die.”