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Rachel SmolkerWhile the national media has spotlit the Dakota Access Pipeline project thanks to ongoing protest efforts organized by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the truth is Dakota Access is just one of several pipeline projects threatening people and the environment.

GJEP’s own Rachel Smolker has been a key figure in the fight against a project by  Vermont Gas to construct a pipeline through an 1,800-foot stretch of Geprags Park in Hinesburg, VT.

WPTZ recently spoke with Smolker after the Public Service Board’s recent approval of the project. Opponents have 10 days to respond to the decision. Smolker said there will be an appeal.

The entire project is just a boondoggle,” Smolker said. “It’s not just about Geprags Park. Geprags is the last holdout; it’s the last piece of land that they need to get across in order to complete phase one construction.”

To see a video report on the story and a full transcript, visit WPTZ.com.