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URGENT: Earth First! Journal Collective Needs $80K to Keep House

Art via earthfirstjournal.org.

For over 35 Years, the Earth First! Journal has been providing news from the front-lines of the eco-wars. The Earth First! Journal serves as a voice for the movement reporting on direct actions and earth defense happening all over the world.

GJEP ‘s own Ruddy Turnstone has been an Earth First!er for over 8 years and lives in the same town as the Earth First! Journal volunteering for and depending on it for news you can’t find anywhere else. Anne Petermann, GJEP’s Executive Director  and GJEP’s Strategic Communications Director Orin Langelle have been involved with and supporters of Earth First! for more than a quarter of a century.

Earth First! does not compromise with politicians nor corporations, and has a foundation in biocentrism–that all things are interconnected and interdependent and that everything has its own intrinsic value beyond its usefulness to humans.

This is an urgent moment where the survival of the Earth First! Journal is up to the movement and supporters. The Earth First! Journal lets us know that we are not alone in our fight for our lives and for the planet, that we join others in resistance every moment we take action. Now it is our turn to show the EF!J that they are not alone!

– Ruddy Turnstone


The house that the Earth First! Journal Collective has been renting for about four years in Lake Worth, Florida, has been sold, and we are now in dire need of money to make a counter offer by 4:00 PM today! With enough room and yard space for short and long termers to live and work, which is rare in this city and especially at this price, this house is ideal, and we really want to keep it. Unfortunately, we need at least 80,000 dollars to buy the property. If you have ever thought about making a donation of any amount to the Journal, now is the time!

If it turns out that our counter offer isn’t enough or we have to leave for any other reason, any money we raise now will go towards helping current Collective members transition to a new office situation and find storage space for journals, computers, and other supplies.

We hate to have to ask for so much, and realize that money is tight for a lot of people this time of year, but any contribution you make today could help the Journal thrive for years to come.

If you are planning on making a large donation, please contact us first! If you have questions about donating to this cause, feel free to contact us. Email: collective[at]earthfirstjournal.org. Phone: (561) 320-3840

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