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UPI: Georgia state troopers who shot, killed ‘Cop City’ protester won’t face charges

Tortuguita Memorial
Tortuguita Memorial at entrance to Weelaunee Forest Photo: Don Kimball

On October 6, 2023, Patrick Hilsman article Georgia state troopers who shot, killed ‘Cop City’ protester won’t face charges appeared on the UPI (United Press International) website.

The article reports that a Georgia court has ruled that state troopers who shot and killed Cop City protester Manuel Teran won’t face charges.

The article states that Manuel Teran, known as “Tortuguita”, was killed on January 18, 2023, when Georgia State Patrol troopers raided an activist campsite near the construction site for Cop City. Investigators had said Teran refused to leave the area and troopers fired “sublethal” rounds of ammunition at Teran’s tent. Teran had 57 bullet wounds, including entry and exit wounds.

The article also states how investigators say Teran had fired on officers, which does not align with an autopsy ordered by Teran’s relatives that showed Teran had their hands raised at the time of the shooting and did not have gunshot residue on their hands. There is also no body camera footage of the fatal shooting.

DA pro tempore for Stone Mountain’s Judicial Circuit Court, George R. Christian, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “no criminal charges will be brought against the Georgia State Patrol Troopers involved in the shooting of Manuel Paez Teran” and that  “The use of lethal (deadly) force by the Georgia State Patrol was objectively reasonable,”.

In April 2023, U.S. House members sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and FBI Director Chris Wray demanding answers on the police response to the protests.

The article can be read in full on the UPI (United Press International) website.


Additional Information:

Take Action: Sign on to GJEP’s letter to demand Justice for Tortuguita! Stop the Assassination of Land Defenders! This sign on letter was originally submitted to on May Day (May 1, 2023) to Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr and US Attorney General Merrick Garland. We are continuing to collect signatures. 

Note: The August 2023 episode of The Breaking Green Podcast, Muzzling Dissent and COP City with Basav Sen and Gabrielle Colchete, can be heard here.  The Breaking Green Podcast is produced by GJEP.

Website (external to GJEP): Block Cop City

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