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Time Running Out To Comment on Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in Florida

BREAKING: The EPA is reviewing plans to release Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys and Texas. Will you be part of the experiment? Make your voice heard! Make your comment before April 6th, 2018

GMO mosquitoes have already been shipped to Florida. The mosquitoes were developed by a British company called Oxitec using synthetic DNA based on the Herpes Virus and E.coli. There have been no environmental or human health studies and GMO mosquitoes cannot be recalled once they are released. Once they’re out, there is no recall. And once Oxitec has their mosquitoes out in Florida and Texas, you can be sure they’ll do it in other states. Oxitec either can’t or refuses to satisfy basic questions about the potential long-term environmental or health impacts of these lab-created insects. Not needed. Not wanted. Not proven safe.



CALL & WRITE: Nancy B. Beck – Phone: (202) 564-2910   Email: Be********@ep*.gov

Please Comment, Call & Write Nancy B. Beck at the EPA, Let her know that you do not consent to the release of GMO Mosquitoes.

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