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International Day of Action against throw-away packaging

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September 12th: International Day of Action against throw-away packaging

NOTE: The global problem of throw away paper packaging and its ecological impacts is intrinsically tied to the global problem of Industrial tree plantations. Industrial eucalyptus plantations in Brazil and elsewhere are expanding rapidly, devastating communities and ecosystems. The expansion is due to the growing global demand for pulp – much of which is for throw away packaging. Please take part in the September 12th day of action against packaging outlined below and also join us for the global day of action against industrial tree plantations on September 21st.

Below is a call to action from one of our allies from the European Union:
The problem: Paper consumption is growing and fueling deforestation, because single-use packaging keep expanding.
The chance: We have now a unique opportunity: the European Union  is setting rules to limit packaging and packaging waste. This can revert the trend an impact on other countries too.
The risk: The paper industry is pushing back, massively. They hired hundreds of lobbyists to promote a shift from plastic to paper and to scrap measures to promote reusable packaging. They managed to set the narrative, and to exclude any other voice. They may win, if our voices are not raised high as well.
Day of Action! People from all over Europe (but also from other countries) will send a message to decision makers: we want to protect the forests, we cannot keep using rising amounts of paper just for throw-away packaging. Stop throw-away and promote reusable solutions instead!  * Are you from outside of Europe? Still, your voice is important because the EU is importing a lot of pulp from other countries.
From a real protest in the city, to a 2 person photo-action, to an individual selfie in symbolic places or even in your own home. Everything can help!
  • A handbook  with may different options of activity
  • A number of resources , from background information, briefings, video, data, and contacts by country.
  • Examples of slogans:
Throw-away go away!
Stop throw-away packaging. Go reuse!
Stop using trees for paper packaging.
Stop logging forests for paper packaging.
Do not destroy our forests for paper based packaging 
Every year, 3 billion trees are cut down for paper packaging. Stop that now!
Forests aren’t for throw-away packaging 
Do not destroy our forest for paper packaging
We want to eat on real plates, not paper & plastic throwaway ones!
Reusable crates, not throwaway ones!
Stop killing the planet for throwaway packaging


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