Stop the Mass Slaughter of Zambia’s Hippos! The scene of the future crime against nature is Zambia’s world-famous Luangwa Valley. Trophy hunters would be allowed to kill up to 2,000 hippos there within the next five years. Umlilo, a South African operator, has safaris in its program… Read More

Sign On: Keep Gold Miners Out of Our Rainforest

Sign on now at Rainforest Rescue   The gold rush is not letting up: in order to let a Canadian mining company dig in the Peruvian Amazon, officials fraudulently declared the rainforest of the Shawi people to be… Read More

Drowning in Plastic: 25 Million Tons of Trash Polluting Beaches, Oceans

From PET bottles and produce packaging to clothing, plastic is all around us. Yet only 30 percent is recycled in Europe, and the mountains of waste are growing. The EU wants to solve the problem with a new… Read More

Tell the EU to Stop Aiding Ivory Traffickers

Via Rainforest Rescue: Poachers kill an African elephant every 15 minutes on average. Despite the desperate situation of Africa’s wildlife icons, the EU opposes a total ban on ivory sales that would be crucial to elephants’ survival. Tell the EU not to make itself… Read More

Rainforest Rescue Petition to Yahoo: Stop Ivory Trafficking NOW!

Yahoo’s Japanese online commerce platforms are a hub for ivory from dubious sources. The internet giant is thus making itself an accomplice to the poachers that are driving the world’s elephants to extinction. Tell Yahoo to get out… Read More