Legislature’s Climate Caucus challenges Vermont Gas Pipeline

Legislators request Vermont Department of Public Service to direct a reassessment of the “public good” permit for the Addison County gas pipeline. Citizens to continue to gather support at Town Meetings this week.    The Vermont Legislature’s “Climate… Read More

Vermonters Celebrate New Federal Investigation into VGS Pipeline Safety

Vermont Groups and citizens in opposition to the Vermont Gas Pipeline are celebrating the January 12th announcement from the federal Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) stating that they will be opening an investigation into whether construction of… Read More

Citizens Group Fighting Pipeline Alleges Officials Violated Open Meeting Law

VPR, Vermont’s NPR News Source, recently did a report titled, “Hinesburg Citizens Group Alleges Officials Violated Open Meeting Law” featuring quotes from Global Justice Ecology Project New Voices Speaker Dr. Rachel Smolker. Dr. Smolker has been working to… Read More