Earth Minute: Global Day of Action Against False Solutions to Climate Change

Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod · Earth Minute: Global Day of Action Against False Solutions to Climate Change Today, Wednesday, March 31st, is the Global Day of Action that calls for actions across the world as people demand… Read More

8 June 2020 Weekly Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

WE OFTEN ACCUSE THE RIGHT OF DISTORTING SCIENCE. BUT THE LEFT CHANGED THE CORONAVIRUS NARRATIVE OVERNIGHT (8 JUNE 2020) The Guardian: Racism is a health crisis. But poverty is too – yet progressives blithely accepted the costs of… Read More

Public Statement Against The Extractivist Advance In Times Of Pandemic (Español y English)

Español abajo Public Statement CHILE: Against the extractivist advance in times of pandemic Since mid-March of this year, we have been in a very difficult situation, the health, economic and social crisis has hit various territories, but for… Read More

Immediate Action Needed to Save Brazil’s Amazon From Genocide

Photo courtesy of Earth Watch ‘We are on the eve of a genocide’: Brazil urged to save Amazon tribes from Covid-19 The Guardian 3 May 2020 Tom Phillips Brazil’s leaders must take immediate action to save the country’s… Read More

Earth Minute: Bezos is the Devil

Image courtesy of Creative Commons Earth Minute 4/29/20 –  Do we really want to go back to “normal”? The COVID-19 crisis is exposing the moldy, stinking underbelly of Capitalism in new and amazing ways. Tens of millions in… Read More

Rising Deforestation Threatens Brazil’s Amazon

Log pile at a Veracel eucalyptus plantation in Bahia, Brazil  Photo: Petermann As deforestation surges, Brazil moves to weaken indigenous and environmental safeguards Unearthed 29 April 2020 Lucy Jordan & Ana Terra Athayde With attention focused on the… Read More

28 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

WEBINAR: THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE FOOD SUPPLY & FEEDING THE HUNGRY (29 APRIL 2020) Waste 360 Webinar: The recovery of excess food to sustain the food-insecure population in the U.S. is a critical concern during the… Read More

24 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

THE PATH TO OUR NEXT PANDEMIC (22 April 2020) Alert: Humanity is in big trouble—and we’re blazing full speed toward even more peril. Because of our burgeoning numbers, globalized nature, and habit of exploiting countless wildlife species for food and… Read More

23 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

EARTH WATCH: MUTUAL AID AMID GOVERNMENT FAILURE-WITH ELEANOR GOLDFIELD (23 April 2020) MUTUAL AID: “WHEN THE SYSTEM FAILS, THE PEOPLE SHOW UP” (22 April 2020) ROAR Magazine: The badges are both for security and for building relationships. We… Read More

In Chile Feminists Continue Resistance Amid Lockdown

Women’s March Against Violence Toward Women in Temuco, Chile, November 2019. Photo: Langelle/GJEP Chile’s Feminist Revolt Continues in Lockdown Jacobin 12 April 2020 Javiera Manzi A. & Alondra Carrillo V. It’s been just over a month since feminists… Read More