Post-Paris Climate Talks: Implementation at Any Price

As chronicled in our Paris COP21 Blog section, there was good reason to be skeptical leading up to United Nations conference on climate change known as COP21, which was held in Paris last winter. In this piece published by… Read More

WATCH: Undercover police crack down on freedom of speech in Paris

Via The New Internationalist: Yesterday undercover police cracked down on anyone questioning the sponsors of a corporate “Solutions 21” event in Paris. The action was supported by Corporate Europe Observatory, Les Amis de la Terre France, Attac France (Officiel),… Read More

WATCH: Eagle Woman Explains How Indigenous Peoples Are Key to Surviving Climate Change

In this video shared by New Internationalist Magazine, an Eagle Woman shares her wisdom after taking part in a healing ceremony outside the Bataclan theatre, led by Indigenous Peoples who are in Paris for the climate summit. She is resisting… Read More