COVID-19 Infections Rising in Brazilian Amazon

Photo courtesy of World Rainforest Movement In Brazil, COVID-19 outbreak paves way for invasion of indigenous lands Mongabay 10 April 2020 Sam Cowie With outsider encroachment into indigenous reserves continuing to escalate in the Brazilian Amazon and the… Read More

China to Ban Elephant Ivory Trade in 2017

Originally published by The Chinese government today announced it will close its domestic commercial ivory market by the end of 2017. Conservationists are applauding the move, calling it a “game-changer” for elephants, which are being rapidly driven… Read More

Protect The Iconic Wildlife of the Leuser Ecosystem on Sumatra

Originally published at Rainforest Rescue. Sign the petition here The Leuser Ecosystem protected area (KEL, Kawasan Ekosistem Leuser) on the island of Sumatra is one of the largest and most important nature reserves in Indonesia. KEL is named… Read More

Study: plantation expansion worse for forests than logging

GE tree company ArborGen’s motto is “more wood less land”.  They insist that their faster growing GE and other trees will take the pressure off of forests by increasing the harvest per acre of land. This study puts… Read More