White House Event at COP23 Overshadowed by Indigenous, Black and Latinx Ceremony

Delegates from North, South and Latin America uplift Climate Change Impacted Voices in Civil Disobedience Action at COP23    Bonn, Germany – On November 13, 2017, The Trump Administration will held it’s only event, “The Role of Cleaner and… Read More

Chile Using Pinochet’s Anti-Terrorist Law Against Mapuche People

CHILE’S STILL USING PINOCHET’S ANTI-TERRORIST LAW AGAINST THE MAPUCHE FORMER PRESIDENT PIÑERA ARGUES THAT THE CONTROVERSIAL LAW NEEDS TO BE TAKEN FURTHER By Alejandra Gaitan Barrera Originally published by Intercontinental Cry The Mapuche territory, the Wallmapu, was never settled… Read More

Your Help Needed! Indigenous Mayangna and Miskito in Nicaragua are Under Attack

THERE IS A CRISIS ERUPTING ALONG NICARAGUA’S NORTHERN COAST. HERE’S 5 WAYS YOU CAN HELP   Originally published on Intercontinental Cry by Carlos Enrique Maibeth-Mortimer  There is a crisis erupting in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Autonomous Region that spans across all… Read More

US Anthropologists promote forced contact with uncontacted Indigenous Peoples

From Reuters in The Guardian, 7 July 2016 Brazil condemns anthropologists’ calls for forced contact with isolated tribes US professors say ‘controlled contact is the only possible strategy for protecting these people’, but government’s open letter insists ‘leave them… Read More

Indigenous Tupinamba Fight for Land Rights in Brazil

The Tupinamba were the first indigenous people to form a front against the Portuguese invasion in 1500 in Brazil. They are a great warrior people whose organizational structure uses tactics and strategies of war based on their worldview…. Read More