NEW: Risks of GE American Chestnut in Independent Science News

The GE American Chestnut – Restoration of a Beloved Species or Trojan Horse for Tree Biotechnology? Independent Science News, 11 June 2019: by Rachel Smolker, Ph.D. (Biofuelwatch) and Anne Petermann (Global Justice Ecology Project) About a century ago… Read More

Gene Drives: The Scientific Case for a Complete and Perpetual Ban

Several of the new technologies mentioned in this report are being used in the genetic engineering of trees such as the American chestnut. This article from Independent Science News gives a thorough explanation of the potential dangers and… Read More

107 Nobel Laureate Attack on Greenpeace Traced Back to Biotech PR Operators

Originally published at Independent Science News By Jonathan Latham, PhD In late July, Greenpeace was denied entrance to a National Press Club Event in Washington, DC of 107 Nobel Laureates. The event was ostensibly organised by a scientific group… Read More

Financial Conflicts at National Academy Advisory Panel on the Future of GMO Regulation

By Jonathan Latham, PhD A letter from academics, non-profits and farmer groups indicts the lack of balance, perspective and independence among experts chosen to carry out a new taxpayer-funded National Academy study. The study will advise the federal government on how… Read More