EPA Slams Big Ag’s Syngenta on Farmworker Safety Violations

HONOLULU— The the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) filed a complaint last week against agrichemical giant Syngenta for putting the health and safety of farmworkers on Kauai at risk by violating several federal pesticide regulations. The agency says Syngenta failed to tell… Read More

WATCH: Profits Over People? Oppose ‘Right–to-Spray’ Bill in Hawaii

Via Center For Food Safety 90 different pesticide formulations. Sprayed 2 to 3 times a week. Up to 16 times a day. No mandatory disclosure or notifications. No regular monitoring. LAWSUITS against three counties to protect their right… Read More

Earth Watch: Dr. Hector Valenzuela

KPFK radio’s Sojourner Truth radio show host Margaret Prescod interviewed Hector Valenzuela, UH Manoa professor and crop specialist. Valenzuela is an expert on the papaya, including the genetically engineered variety, which was recently touted by the CBS Sunday Morning… Read More