Earth Watch: Devlin Kuyek On Corporate Greenwashing

GJEP partners with the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles for a weekly Earth Minute on Wednesday and an Earth Watch interview on Thursday. Devlin Kuyek is a researcher at GRAIN, a small international non-profit… Read More

GRAIN Report on “Net Zero” and Greenwashing

Corporate greenwashing: “net zero” and “nature-based solutions” are a deadly fraud by GRAIN 17 March 2021 Corporations are, without a doubt, the number one obstacle to meaningful action on the climate crisis. These almighty actors have spent the… Read More

Trade Politics in Flux: What Social Movement Responses?

This is an important article on trade politics from In 2004 Global Justice Ecology Project helped launch the website, along Asia-Pacific Research Network, IBON Foundation, GATT Watchdog New Zealand, and XminY. is a collaborative open-publishing website dedicated to supporting social movements… Read More

International Organizations Launch Petition in Support of Jailed Ethiopian Activists as Court Date Approaches

 Three Ethiopian food, land, and indigenous rights activists,along with four others, were arrested at the Addis Ababa airport back in March, on their way to a workshop on food security that I had helped to organise in Nairobi… Read More