Yellow Vests: Macron’s Fuel Tax Was No Solution to Climate Chaos

By Maxime CombesVia The French government has now decided to suspend a planned eco-tax on fuel in response to mass protests. While the movement of the ‘yellow vests’ (gilets jaunes) has turned into a broader revolt against inequality… Read More

Evictions Have Begun to Dismantle Collective; Zone A Défendre Calls for Mobilization

Photo via In January, after 50 years of mobilizations in one of France’s longest environmental campaigns, the proposed Notre-Dame des Landes airport in Western France was cancelled. This huge success was built by and from the ZAD –… Read More

Monsanto’s Environmental, Health Record Goes Under Photographer’s Lens

From the series Monsanto®. A photographic investigation © Mathieu Asselin   New York-based, French-Venezuelan photographer Mathieu Asselin’s work on the environmental and human impacts of the Monsanto company is being shown at the Magasin Électrique at Arles in France… Read More

WATCH: ‘Threatened Forests’ The Hidden Truth Behind EU ‘Green Energy’

The film ‘Threatened Forests’ reveals the hidden truth behind “green energy” in the EU. It’s being shown on during the month of May, a moment when the European Commission is consulting stakeholders on sustainable bioenergy policy. Filmmaker Benoit… Read More

Earth Watch: Tetet Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron of the Peoples Movement on Climate Change

KPFK radio’s Sojourner Truth radio show continued its daily coverage of the COP 21 UN Summit on the climate on Dec. 9. The featured guest was Tetet Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron of the Peoples Movement on Climate Change and IBON International. She… Read More

The French government told us a big lie, and we believed it

DECEMBER 8, 2015 / JONATHANNANCY Jonathan Neale writes: After the killings in Paris, the government immediately banned all public demonstrations under a state of emergency. They told the climate coalition we could not march. That seemed to make a… Read More