False Climate Solution: The Dangers of Hydro-Electric Dams

Large-scale hydro-electric dams are a false solution to climate change. Besides the ecological and social devastation they cause, the methane emitted by hydro-electric dams make them another contributor to climate change. With all of the evidence of their… Read More

How to Help: Failing Colombia Hydropower Dam Results in Environmental & Humanitarian Disaster

Image via Colombia Reports   Global Justice Ecology Project founders Orin Langelle and Anne Petermann have been fighting the ecological and social destruction of large-scale hydroelectric dams since 1993. GJEP is committed to exposing false solution to climate… Read More

Support the statement by local people on dams in the Mekong Region

  Dear friends, Local communities in the Mekong region in Southeast Asia, who depend on the Mekong river and numerous other rivers and lakes for their livelihoods, need our urgent support. The dams already built on the main… Read More