21 May 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

IN ITS ZEAL TO BLAME CHINA FOR CORONAVIRUS, THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS THWARTING INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE PANDEMIC’S ORIGINS (19 MAY 2020) The Intercept: For weeks, President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have been claiming without… Read More

20 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

THE US’S FAILED RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC IS ROOTED IN ANTI-BLACKNESS (20 April 2020) Truthout: With the speed of lightning, the coronavirus crisis is waking all of the U.S. up to a reality most Black people have known… Read More

The Right Rises Up as Latin American Left Faces Setbacks

Written by Benjamin Dangl Originally Published on Toward Freedom Fidel Castro, in an address to the Cuban Communist Party congress yesterday, spoke of his own mortality, mentioning that soon he will be 90, “but the ideas of Cuban… Read More