Earth Minute: Bezos is the Devil

Image courtesy of Creative Commons Earth Minute 4/29/20 –  Do we really want to go back to “normal”? The COVID-19 crisis is exposing the moldy, stinking underbelly of Capitalism in new and amazing ways. Tens of millions in… Read More

16 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

PANDEMIC EXPOSES NAVAJO NATION’S WATER ACCESS CRISIS AND HEALTH DISPARITIES (15 April 2020) Truthout: As the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise in the U.S., fear is mounting that the spread of the virus could devastate tribal communities…. Read More

COVID-19: Portal to Radical Systemic Transformation: Arundhati Roy and Barry Gills

In his piece Deep Restoration: from The Great Implosion to The Great Awakening, Barry Gills points out the “three spheres” of the present global crisis, their interrelationships and the opportunity they pose for transforming the system.   “We are… Read More

Coronavirus Boosts Tech Giants

Why Silicon Valley Loves Coronavirus TRIBUNE 25 March 2020 Matthew Cole The coronavirus is an exogenous shock to the global economy, causing panic in the financial markets, a jobs apocalypse and an unprecedented crisis in health services. At… Read More

Covid-19 + Industrial Agriculture=Deadly

Capitalist agriculture and Covid-19: A deadly combination Climate & Capitalism 11 Mar 2020 The new coronavirus is keeping the world in a state of shock. But instead of fighting the structural causes of the pandemic, the government is… Read More

Daily Maverick: COVID-19 = Capitalism + Ecological Destruction

Road construction into the Lacandon Rainforest, Chiapas, Mexico, 1996. Photo: Langelle/GJEP COVID-19 and Capitalism: ‘Pandemics… have their roots in environmental change and ecosystem disturbances’ Daily Maverick 24 Mar 2020 Dale T. McKinley As the escalating crisis of climate… Read More

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Crisis of Capitalism

Photo: Langelle/GJEP TRUTHOUT 20 March 2020 Khadijah Kanji In a world in which the majority of human suffering is perpetrated by a small minority against the vast majority, a small silver-lining of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is that… Read More

Capitalists Capitalize on Charlottesville

Capitalists Capitalize on Charlottesville By Tess Ipolito, Global Justice Ecology Project Following the tragedy in Charlottesville, several American CEOs left Trump’s manufacturing and Strategic & Policy councils, using these tragic events to project their companies as moral beacons… Read More

To Change the Heart and Soul: How Elites Contained the Climate Justice Movement

By Herbert Docena “The object is to change the heart and soul” — Margaret Thatcher. On the final day of the UN summit (COP21) held in Paris in December 2015, thousands of people defied a ban on public gatherings… Read More