Earth Minute: Mendocino Wood Pellet Production Plant

Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod · Earth Minute: Mendocino Wood Pellet Production Plant Several organizations have requested an immediate suspension of operations at the Mendocino Wood Pellet Production Plant in California, in light of threats to public health… Read More

Sign On Against California Carbon Offset Scheme – Deadline Oct. 29

GE trees, plants and seeds are included in the California Tropical Forest Offsets since a UNFCCC COP9 decision allows for genetically modified organisms for afforestation and reforestation. We encourage you to use the Open Letter to the Peoples of… Read More

LISTEN: Activist, Hip Hop Artist Alas on Racial Discrimination in Medical Industry

This week’s Earth Watch guest on the Sojourner Truth Show was hip hop artist and activist Alas. Alas was involved with supporting migrant communities during the wildfires in California. Here’s Alas’ bio from her website, ALAS makes… Read More

Climate Change Projected to Take Huge Toll on Oregon-California Wildlands

The Klamath-Siskiyou along the Oregon-California border is one of the wildest regions remaining on the U.S. West Coast. World-class biodiversity, stunning wild rivers, and an incredible eight million acres of public lands are spread across the eleven million-acre… Read More

California Wildfires: Climate Change + Fire Dependent Ecosystems = Human Disaster

Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California.   Karen Pickett is a member of the Board of Directors of Global Justice Ecology Project. She lives in the redwood country in the Bay Area of California and has been… Read More

Court Holds Bee-killing Pesticide Approvals Violated the Law

EPA must analyze risks to endangered species SAN FRANCISCO—A Federal Court has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) systematically violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – a key wildlife protection law – when it approved bee-killing insecticides… Read More

California Allowing the Use of Oil Wastewater To Irrigate Food Crops?

Originally published on DeSmogBlog:   By Justin Mikulka There are times when science is obvious. This is one of those times. A new report by researchers at PSE Healthy Energy, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of… Read More

Injuries After Anti-Fascists Counter White Supremacist Rally

Originally published by By Deirdre Fulton, staff writer Amid an intensifying atmosphere of racist rhetoric and hate-fueled violence, 10 people were injured Sunday after violence broke out between a white supremacist group and anti-fascist counter-protesters in Sacramento, California…. Read More

Know Where Your Bridge Is Going Before You Build It

By Rachel Smolker Originally published on The Huffington Post. For years we have been told that corn ethanol was a “bridge” to more advanced biofuels that would be better for the environment. Similarly, we were sold the bill… Read More