‘No Benefits’ to Planned Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

The release of the GM mosquito poses risks, including the incidental release of some biting female GM mosquitoes during the experiments. While Target Malaria claims that the number will be small, nevertheless, since GM female mosquitoes can bite humans and spread disease, the release of biting females still poses some risk to local people.

Indigenous Communities Urge Governments to Support their Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Via Global Forest Coalition   Indigenous communities’ own conservation practices are vital to biodiversity conservation, said two new reports [1] launched by communities in Kenya [2] and Ghana [3]. These are part of a series of reports from… Read More


Update From The Amadiba Crisis Committee:  Three thousand wanted to pay respect to our Bazooka Radebe at his funeral in Mdatya, 1500 sitting for 8 hours, the rest standing, coming and going. 30 civil society organisations were present… Read More

WATCH: ‘We Call Them Intruders’ Trailer – Documentary About Canadian Mining in Africa

Via IntercontinentalCry.org: If you live and work in Canada, chances are you’re connected to Canadian mining companies – whether you know it or not – through your savings, taxes, Canada Pension Plan contributions, RRSPs and other investments. In… Read More

Interview: Orin Langelle on The End of the Game – The Last Word from Paradise, Revisited

The following GreenWatch: Interview with Orin Langelle was published 15 December 2015 by The Public in Buffalo, NY, prior the closing reception of The End of the Game – The Last Word from Paradise, Revisited & Solstice Party… Read More