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Global Justice Ecology Project strongly condemns the U.S. government’s continuation of all U.S. aggression around the world. The current affront by the U.S. government is now Venezuela.

Here are excerpts from our ally, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, in their Statement on the Attempted Coup in Venezuela:

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance strongly condemns the aggression of the US government towards President Nicolas Maduro.

The US government has no right to intervene in the sovereign affairs of the Venezuelan government. The Trump administration has no legitimate authority or legal standing to contravene in any form or fashion in the democratic processes of the Venezuelan government.

We condemn the “regime change” efforts of the Trump administration and its right-wing allies in Brazil, Colombia and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Vice President Mike Pence’s open call for the overthrow of the Maduro government seeks to spark a potential civil and international conflict that would be catastrophic for the people of Venezuela and the region.

We see the actions of this administration for what they are: an attempted undemocratic political coup by the US government and global right-wing allies.

This blatant “regime change” effort of the Trump administration and its right-wing allies must not be allowed to proceed. The world must not tolerate another US government initiated and sponsored regime change horror such has occurred in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, the Ukraine and Yemen.

We demand an end to the economic sanctions led by the US that continue to worsen the economic crisis and exacerbate the shortages of food, medicine, and other essential goods to the Venezuelan people.

As we continue the work to defend our communities from relentless attack and rebuild the Left in the belly of the beast, we gratefully and humbly look to the leadership and insight of our Latin American comrades, partners in the movement, and Family during these troubling times.


Long live the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian revolution!

In Solidarity,
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

For Historical Context please go to: http://ggjalliance.org/VenezuelaBolivariana2019