Polluting Chilean Pulp Mill Profits from Global Warming Credits

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Celulosa Arauco y ConstituciĆ³n S.A.(CELCO/Arauco) is a Chilean forestry company that belongs to a powerful Chilean holding. This company has caused several ecological disasters, is planning to build a new sewage pipeline in an area with environments of high conservation value and is jeopardizing Mapuche Indigenous people?s livelihoods in the South of Chile. In addition, forestry activities have caused loss of native forest in Chile.

CELCO has a partnership with the Swedish-Finish company Stora Enso and it is also getting profits through using the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) within the Kyoto Protocol.

RIGHT NOW Mapuche Lafkenche people and others opposing the construction of a new pulp plant sewage pipeline are facing violence for this reason and their lives are at high risk. This pulp plant owned by CELCO caused an ecological disaster at a Nature Sanctuary in 2004, causing the mass death of black-necked swans.

Do you think this company deserves to be considered as doing something positive regarding sustainability, climate change or social responsibility?

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