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Below you will find information and resources pertaining to the lawsuit filed by Global Justice Ecology Project, the Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, the Center for Food Safety, Dogwood Alliance and the International Center for Technology Assessment to stop the planting of 260,000 genetically engineered trees (eucalyptus) across seven southern US states.

The USDA’s final Environmental Assessment (EA) from April 2010:

April, 2010 Final EA.pdf

The USDA’s Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) regarding the request by GE tree company ArborGen to plant the GE eucalyptus trees:


The counties where the field trials will be located (from pp. 8-16 of the EA) Click on map above for locations.

GE eucalyptus field trial sites.pdf

The Initial Complaint filed in US Court on July 1, 2010:

GE Eucalyptus Complaint-signed.pdf

The Amended Complaint filed in US Court on August 10, 2010:

Amended Complaint (filed).pdf

The 60 Day Notice of Intent to Sue:

60 day notice letter _Eucalyptus_.pdf

The October 2011 US District Court Decision on the Lawsuit:

10-06-11 GE Euc Decision.pdf

Rubicon Shareholders Report: For a copy of Rubicon’s 2009 annual report to shareholders, email info@gjep2020.local.  The reference to ArborGen producing half a billion GE eucalyptus annually for biofuel production in the US South can be found on page 8.

Comments submitted by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division expressing concerns about the GE eucalyptus planting:

Georgia Wildlife Resources Div comments.pdf

Comments submitted by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council expressing concerns about the GE eucalyptus planting:

FL Exotic Pest Plant Council comments 1.pdf

Comments submitted by the U.S. Forest Service expressing concerns about the impacts on water from the GE eucalyptus planting can be found in the Environmental Assessment, Appendix III

April, 2010 Final EA.pdf